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The region p roduces most of the country's rice supply, earning itself the nickname "Rice Granary of the Philippines"

Pampanga, Islands Philippines - Pampanga Province " The Culinary Center Of The Philippines"

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Pampanga Man-made Tourist Attractions

Candaba Swamp and Wild Duck Sanctuary (Candaba, Pampanga)
The Bird Sanctuary of Candaba is a paradise waiting to be discovered hopefully by bird watchers and not by bird hunters. Migratory egrets and indigenous birds like the rare salaksak and batala can be observed especially during dry months when the fishponds turn to rice fields - when large numbers of egrets descend on shallow pools teeming with snails and small fish. The best time to visit the swamp is from October to January when these wintering birds make Candaba their home during harsh temperatures.

Hanging Bridge (Candaba, Pampanga)
It is known as the Candaba Suspension Bridge. The bridge's design and framework were patterned after the famous San Francisco Bridge in the U.S.

Clark Special Economic Zone (Clark, Pampanga)
Known as Clark Air Base before 1991, Clark Special Economic Zone was once the biggest American air base facility outside the United States as it served as a major destination and refuel/ transit point for US military aircrafts within the Asia-Pacific Region. With the expiration of the Philippine-US Military Bases Agreement in 1991, Clark was turned over to the Philippine government and declared a special economic zone. Today, Clark has been transformed into a world-class civil aviation complex, modern industrial estates, and tourism and trade center - an aerotropolis - that would catalyze the socio-economic growth of Central Luzon region, as well as the rest of the country.

Expo Pilipino (Clark, Pampanga)
Expo Pilipino is the Philippine National Centennial Exposition and centerpiece of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine Independence on June 12, 1898. The exposition, located in Clark Field, Pampanga, is a celebration of the Filipino's history, culture, and achievements in the past 100 years, as well as aspirations for the next millennium. Its exhibits were discontinued during the administration of former President Joseph Estrada. Today, its 35,000-seat capacity amphitheater is a favorite venue for concerts, ecumenical services and political rallies.

Sito Palakol Resort (Florida Blanca, Pampanga)
Located in the northeastern part of Floridablanca, about 8 kms from the town proper and 31 kms from the City of San Fernando, Sito Palakol along the Gumain River is known as the "summer place" to the local community. It is blessed with a continuous crystal clear water that does not drain even during summer months. Its source of water comes from Mount Abu atop the Zambales mountain which is believed to have a large natural water reservior.

Pampanga Agricultural College (Magalang, Pampanga)
Located at the foot of Mt. Arayat, this state-owned college is the center for agri-based education in the province. It has model farms, housing facilities for its faculty, conference pavilion and a swimming pool for local residents. Its pristine natural environment make way for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Among the activities that may be launched here is a mountain trekking adventure to the heights of Mt. Arayat or a refreshing dip in a natural spring resort close by.


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Fiesta Foods Philippines Cuisine

For festive occasions, people band together and prepare more sophisticated dishes. Tables are often laden with expensive and labor-intensive treats requiring hours of preparation. In Filipino celebrations, lechón (also spelled litson) serves as the centerpiece of the dinner table. It is usually a whole roasted pig, but suckling pigs (lechonillo, or lechon de leche) or cattle calves (lechong baka) can also be prepared in place of the popular adult pig.

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